Large companies have the option to be philanthropic or take in large amounts of dollars from consumers and not give back to the general public. Surprisingly, many well-known companies do give back to society. The following are some big corporations that have done a lot to give back.


  1. Walmart

Walmart is the world’s largest retailer and also the largest donor in their industry. The company has plans to advance job mobility and economic opportunity by investing in career skill sets. Women and veterans in the workforce, hunger, and education are all top priorities for the Walmart Foundation. In 2016, it donated $250,000 toward recovery and relief of specific parts of Tennessee that were affected by wildfires. This company makes a lot of money and makes sure it gives back to the people who shop there, appropriately.

More recently, Walmart has been aiding in the fight of world hunger. It has created an initiative called “Fight Hunger: Spark Change,” with a $1.5 million donation and an overall goal of raising $3 million for Feeding America.


  1. Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences is the leader in providing HIV/AIDS medication around the world. This company’s mission is to truly end the HIV/AIDS epidemic across the globe. It offers products like Truvada that prevents the spread of the virus. It was second in line as the largest corporate donor in 2016. It offers free medication to qualified individuals and also provides AIDS centers across the countries with grants and multiple resources. It recently gave a grant to the organization, AIDS Alabama, to get a van to test the community for HIV/AIDS.


  1. Pfizer

This healthcare company is known for being charitable for people living with a major disease. They are not afraid to offer needed cancer drugs for free during transitional legal times. They gave away a breast cancer drug, Ibrance, for free while waiting for a cost approval by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). It has also lowered prices of vaccines for refugees and people in emergencies.
There are many more companies that give back their time and money for philanthropic purposes but these are the top donators.