I am a huge proponent of charitable efforts and philanthropic endeavors. Anybody who knows me can attest to this. And while being generous is absolutely an important societal factor, every now and then there comes a charity that has an interesting twist.


Just recently, famed saxophonist, Kenny G, serenaded the passengers of a Delta Airlines flight. While many were curious as to why they were experiencing such a random mid-flight concert, there was an honorable motive behind it: charity. Kenny had managed to raise $2,000 for the American Cancer Society. And while the charity itself is not out of the ordinary, the “fundraising event” was.


And this got me thinking, what strange charities are out there in the world?


ISPCA’s Dog-sledding

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals is Ireland’s foremost animal welfare charity. And, as most charities do, they held a fundraiser event in 2010. Unfortunately, the event was not exactly animal friendly. The ISPCA held a dog-sled race in order to raise money. While the motive behind the race was noble, the execution was not necessarily well-thought out. The huskies that would be used for the race would be forced to endure hours of freezing cold and exhaustive running, which is exactly the opposite of what the ISPCA stands for. Needless to say, the event received quite a bit of backlash.


Tall Clubs International

This organization, founded in 1938, is solely dedicated to helping “promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and within the community.” The charity holds multiple events such as social gatherings, hikes and dinners. And while this is somewhat strange enough, the club even offers a scholarship for being tall. The $1,000 scholarship requires that the student be in his or her first year of college, and be at least 5’10” (women) or 6’2” (men).


The Order of the Azure Rose

Many believe that chivalry in today’s society is dead. And this charity is doing something about it. Founded in 2002, the Order of the Azure Rose is an educational lesson in chivalry and etiquette in the form of renaissance-era reenactments. The organization’s official website claims that all of the proceeds collected at events are spent on bolstering their educational offerings, operational expenses and other charitable donations. A noble motive, but a strange one nonetheless.