I’ve spoken a bit in the past on the topic of diabetes and how serious it is. I’ve also discussed new artificial pancreases that have the ability to automatically supply insulin to its user. And while those pancreases are still a ways off from becoming widely available, there are other advanced methods that are attempting to reduce the amount of human involvement in regulating glucose levels. With so many technology companies working on this solution, we could soon see a day where those afflicted with diabetes no longer need to worry about monitoring their glucose with invasive finger pricking. One such company, Senseonics, has created a viable solution to constant glucose monitoring.


Eversense is a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM), which, by itself is nothing new. What makes Eversense stand out from other CGM devices available is its implantable chip technology that lasts up to 90 days. The chip is inserted underneath the skin of the arm, and a removable transmitter is then applied directly over the chip’s location on the outer skin of the arm. This transmitter can then send a signal to the chip in order to activate it; once activated, the chip measures glucose levels in the body’s bloodstream using state-of-the-art fluorescence technology. The transmitter can accurately report the body’s current glucose level and how fast and where it is headed.


You’re probably thinking to yourself that this incredibly smart transmitter requires a specially designed receiver that is either not aesthetically pleasing or is large and incumbent. You’d be wrong. What makes Eversense so unique and attractive is that it makes use of a portable device that you probably would be carrying around with you anyways: your cell phone. Using bluetooth technology, the transmitter can relay the glucose information it receives directly to your smartphone and display it quickly and efficiently using the Eversense app. The application, working in tandem with the transmitter, can then notify you on changes to your glucose levels periodically.


Currently, the device is only available overseas in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Norway. Whether or not it will ever become available in North America is unclear. Regardless, it is truly an innovative device that could pave the way for even less intrusive methods of monitoring glucose levels.
Should any details regarding Eversense’s stateside release emerge, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.