We all have busy and hectic lives, which can make it incredibly difficult to find any free time to donate to charitable efforts. And while it may be hard to set aside time to give back to your community, it is not only important, it is also a remarkably rewarding experience. And if you aren’t necessarily sure of where to start, this list of quick and easy ways to give back to your community should help out.


Soup Kitchen

Probably one of the most stereotypical ways to give back to your community is by volunteering at a soup kitchen. And there’s a good reason for it, it’s a great experience. By volunteering at a soup kitchen, you can quickly connect to your community in a meaningful way. According to DOSomething.com, 49 million people struggle to provide food for their families. At a soup kitchen, you could personally assist those in your area gain one of humanity’s most basic necessities. You could even make deep, personal connections with individuals, and even make new friends. Simply spending an hour or two of your day could greatly improve someone else’s life. Don’t know where to find a soup kitchen in your area? This site will help locate one for you!


Senior Citizen Centers

Aging is inevitable. It is a well known fact that someday, we will all become senior citizens. And, depending on your circumstances, you would want to spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. And for those senior citizens that are in retirement homes and have no friends or family to talk to, life can be quite difficult. That is why volunteering a few moments at a senior citizen center can be incredibly rewarding and simple. Senior citizens are, in essence, libraries of wisdom and knowledge. Listen to incredible stories and show seniors a fun time. Much like a soup kitchen, it’s a great way to meet new potential friends.


Animal Shelter

Human beings aren’t the only creatures on this planet; and we certainly aren’t the only ones who need love. So why not spend some time at a local animal shelter? Shelters provide a variety of animals to not only play with, but adopt as well, ranging anywhere from dogs to cats to birds—depending on your area. Most animals who enter a shelter, if not adopted, will be euthanized. If you could use a little company around your house, why not look into adopting an animal from a shelter and saving them from that fate? And even if you don’t adopt one, at least heading over and spending some time with a dog or two can truly make a difference in their lives.
By giving back to our individual communities and helping each other out, we continually move closer towards a peaceful planet. I cannot overstate how important philanthropy and all of its efforts are to this planet. Hopefully this short list can help convince you to get out there and make a difference.